Drupal, WordPress, West Coast IPAs

I have a passion for creating websites that clearly deliver your message to customers. Clean, sharp, and professional, my designs will project the image you're looking for.

I created my first website about my favorite punk bands in the late 1990s. I've since spent time as a project manager at a web agency, a designer for a rap record label, and a freelancer doing all of the above at once. I have lots of experience making awesome Drupal and WordPress websites. I love web development because of its elegant combination of creativity and analytic thinking.

When not working I'm usually volunteering with the California YMCA leadership program Youth & Government, writing about the San Diego Padres baseball team for a prominent blog I helped found, playing golf, or powerlifting. I was born and raised right here in San Diego, CA. My eternal love is available for purchase in exchange for a pint of Sculpin beer.