Here are some examples from my work. Please note that unless otherwise stated, I performed most of this development for one of the agencies I've had the pleasure of working full time for in the past. All of the credit and glory for the project belongs to them.

This is the website you're currently viewing :) . It functions partly to introduce myself, but this version also serves as a learning experience for my first production Drupal 8 website. It's also my first crack at using the Materialize CSS framework, which is based on Google's Material Design guidelines.

RightScale needed a design update to their Drupal backed blog. As part of the redesign, we made the blog responsive, and added an animated left hand mobile menu.

I completed roughly 95% of the front-end development for the update. The previous theme was in place, and part of the process was implementing changes consistent with the previous work to ensure future code maintainability and readability. 

I developed much of the website for celebrity chef Brian Malarkey. The responsive WordPress backed site featured a print inspired design which required creative solutions to responsively transform into mobile in a user-friendly manner.
Novogradac is a large website with lots of inter-related pieces of content that reference each other. It required a great deal of planning to reimagine existing functionality and improve usability.